Marcio Abdo

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Marcio Abdo - "I live for the Harmonica"

Marcio Abdo is a brazilian harmonica player who lives literally from harmonica. His daily life is divided among the activies of playing, teaching and fixing harmonicas.

Abdo recorded three albuns of his own project called " Blues PraPular Brasileiro" with lyrics in portuguese. His influences varies from traditional blues from Chicago and West Coast Swing.

He has been playing in Blues Festivals and Bars with "Abdo Blues Band" always bringing his energy into his performances. He performed in California in 2017 and 2019 playing alongside with important blues musicians. Abdo is fixing and customizing harmonicas for many important harmonica players from Brazil and abroad such as Mark Hummel, Aki Kumar, Steve Guyger and Gary Smith. He is considered one of the greatest experts on the subject in Brazil.

Marcio started his harmonica studies in 1988 with great harmonica players from Brazil such as Omar Izar, Clayber de Souza, Ulisses Cazzallas and Haroldo Gonçalves. Abdo is currently teaching online harmonica classes around Brazil and producing workshops and events in order to dissiminate the harmonica.



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Marcio Abdo
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