Martin Fetzer

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Martin Fetzer

As a self-tought musician Martin Fetzer adopted the playing techniques and and styles of his musical models, like Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, Rod Piazza and many more very quickly

Martin plays harmonica in a "very sophisticated and authentic traditional Chicago style" (Bertram Becher) and is well known for his very fat and unique tone. While being a traditional "Chicago guy" he easily approaches many musical genres besides the Blues itself!

Situated in Münster/Germany he blows his horn at manyfold jam sessions, concerts and other events since over two decades by now. He also teaches harmonica  at workshops and also via Skype lessons.

Furthermore he is touring regularely with the European band "Boogielicious".

And this is what he says about SEYDEL harmonicas: "Playing the Blues harmonica is my passion - these harmonicas are 100% reliable pals - SEYDEL's stainless steel reeds are the decisive step forward!"


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Martin Fetzer
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