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Michael Wagener (Mighty Mike)


They had been playing blues for years in various bands before joining forces in the Silvertones in 2003, playing Chicago blues with an attitude. They recorded an album in Belgium and played two tours in Russia. It seems impossible to clearly define just exactly when the Juke Joint Pimps came into being. Maybe some time in ´04. Mike and T-Man had been teaming up with an upright bass player to rock some private students parties, got hired for a couple of shows in local bars, picked up hitting the drums while losing the bassist along the way and suddenly they were there, two blues guys wearing white pin stripe suits, red shoes and jewelry, blasting rough juke joint music for everybody who cared to dance or listen.


A two-man band with drums, harmonica, guitar and a voice that can shatter glass – pretty much all you really need to play music sounding like Elmore James, Howlin´ Wolf, North Mississippi Hill Country Blues and Reverend Charlie Jackson. Within very little time the Juke Joint Pimps have evolved into a unique act. "Black" enough sounding to cater to a traditional blues audience while being so wild, loud and raw that the punk rockers and garage freaks dig them just as much. And they´re really truckloads of fun to watch!

Things to brag about:

The Juke Joint Pimps recorded their debut for Reverend Beatman's near-legendary record label Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2008 ("Boogie The House Down – Juke Joint Style)" and received rave reviews from all over the world, including Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico. They have toured in more than a dozen different countries since. In 2009 they were elected to participate in the finals for the International Blues Challenge for Germany – unluckily they only came in second. In 2011 their second album "Boogie the Church Down" was released – also on Voodoo Rhythm, this time featuring some wild gospel trash, besides the trademark downhome garage blues.


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Michael Wagener
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