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Michel Zwiers

Harp Mitch is the singer and harpplayer of Harp Mitch & The Bluescasters.
He is a really flying Dutchman who lives in Germany. He started playing bluesharp for about 8 years. A really short time but he made a huge step in the harmonicaworld.
With his very expressive art of playing he makes an impressive story of each song.

It’s a great experience to see this almost 2 meter big guy on stage. He plays his SEYDEL with his complete body and soul. His favorite music is jump-westcoast-chicago Blues. With his huge sound he makes his own tune. "It’s important to do you own thing.", he says - he adopted this motto from Rod Piazza, that he spoke at the gig in Twist (Germany) in the green room.

His favorite music is blues… blues and nothing but the blues. That’s the reason he plays Seydel is the marvelous open blues sound you can play with this harmonicas.
"The combination of SEYDEL's 1847 CLASSIC harmonicas together with my old JT30 Astatic bullet-mic and my Harpking-amp, is the greatest sound I ever had on my way of voyage of discovery to find the ultimate harpsound....", he states lively and smiles his sympathetic smile.

> Watch out more on his band's webpage

Michel Zwiers - Harpmitch
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