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Noé Socha

Noé Socha is a Brooklyn-based guitar and harmonica player originally from the small town of Carpi, Italy. He is influenced by folk artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Delta blues musicians such as Mississippi John Hurt, Muddy Waters, and Lightnin’ Hopkins plus a hint of Hendrix-esque flavor. Noé has created his own signature sound, pairing fiery guitar technique with virtuosic harmonica playing.

After winning several awards at Berklee College of Music including the ”Jimi Hendrix Award” for the college’s leading guitarist and the “Billboard Magazine Endowed Scholarship” presented to the college’s top student, Noé has had the great honor of touring, performing, and recording with artists such as Nona Hendrix (Labelle), Vernon Reid (Living Color), and GRAMMY Award-Winners, Javier Limón and Paula Cole. 

In 2017, he released the album, Blues and the World Beyond, which he recorded as one half of Likho Duo.

In 2018 Noé was featured along side SZA and other artists as a part of Mastercard's Start Something Priceless campaign. His work was highlighted on the iHeartRADIO podcast, Sleepwalkers, as well as Reddit, for his yearlong project entitled ''The Everyday Project'' on his Youtube channel called Blind Selfie.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemics outbreak in 2020, Noé has been working socially distanced events and gigs around NYC. He is part of The Blues and Beyond music program and was most recently interviewed for CBS New York in a story called  ''Blind in the Pandemic''.  He was also selected to be a featured artist for the acoustic guitar company Breedlove and the world’s oldest harmonica company Seydel Harmonicas.

"I’ve chosen Seydel harmonicas because of it’s history and the quality of the instruments. I’m a guitar player as well, and I was blown away when I discovered the Gecko harmonica holder. It’s so much lighter and secure than anything I’ve ever used before, and I never have to worry about the harmonica slipping off the holder or the side screw being loose ever again. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know Lars and the other people working at Seydel, I can feel the enthusiasm and passion for the harmonicas, and the determination to provide the best possible experience for customers and artists. Thank you so much for welcoming me!" Noé Socha

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