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Olaf Böhme

Born in Berlin in 1964, Olaf Böhme has been a passionate harmonica player since the age of 16, when he discovered the blues for himself. Although his musical home will always be the blues, Olaf is stylistically very broad.

Always curious and open to musical suggestions, he is on the road at musician's tables, sessions and in Irish pubs. His repertoire ranges from classic Chicago blues to bluegrass, country, Irish folk, folk songs and evergreens. His immense song knowledge and diadactic experience went into his first blues harp book, "The Big Harmonica Book".

". Other publications include "Harmonica for Beginners" and "The Big Harmonica Songbook" with 200 songs. Olaf plays in various bands and is often invited as a guest musician. Olaf passes on his knowledge and playing experience as a lecturer at festival workshops in Klingenthal, as part of his blues class seminars for harp players and guitarists, at VHS courses and in private lessons.

Olaf discovered the SEYDEL instruments for himself a few years ago while recording songs for his books, most recently when he recorded the 200 pieces for his songbook:

"No matter which of the pieces I practiced and recorded, I kept coming back to the 1847 LIGHTNING. These [instruments] just sounded better and were more reliable than other models I had played up to that point..."

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Olaf Böhme

The Big Harmonica Songbook


The Big Harmonica Songbook - 200 popular and rare Folk tunes

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This starter book is different: With its relaxed exercises any beginner is able to start playing nearly effortlessly with chords and double notes and have a lot of fun...

VAT incl.

Harmonica book


The big harmonica book (in German) with sound examples via QR code, playing techniques, exercises and 100 songs for diatonic harmonica.

VAT incl.


Key C 16601C

The 1847 LIGHTNING with polished stainless steel reeds - a dream for all harmonica-lovers
Standard Richter

VAT incl.

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