PT Gazell

PT Gazell American Master of the half-valved diatonic, has performed with countless major artists over his career, including Johnny Paycheck, Mel McDaniel, Ricky Skaggs and Jerry Douglas. His unique and compelling style can be heard on scores of recordings in a variety of genres. PT prefers to play on his siganture 1847 Silver harmonica (see below) that are equipped with valves. The half-valving allows to play all notes of the chromatic scale by bending without the need to use overblows.


PT’s revolutionary valves and reed setup, known as the Gazell Method, are offered on two Seydel diatonic models: The 1847 Silver and the Session Steel.

Born in Wisconsin, and now based in Nashville, Tennessee, PT is equally at home with a range of musical styles including, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country and Pop. PT was the first harmonica player, and the second artist, to be honored with a recording contract with famed Sugar Hill records. This association produced his first CD P.T. Gazell “Pace Yourself” still considered the benchmark for diatonic Bluegrass Harmonica.

PT has appeared on national television in the United States & China on dozens of occasions, including shows such as “More Than Jazz” “Austin City Limits” “Nashville Now” & “Soundstage.” PTs discography includes a groundbreaking recording of Swing music with UK based Chromatic Harmonica wizard, Brendan Power entitled, “Back to Back,”  and the 2011 Grammy nominated CD “2 Days Out.”


From Jazz to Bluegrass, PT Gazell covers the musical waterfront as a bandleader, a recording artist and soloist. The one common denominator is the pure musical joy that emanates with each carefully considered note he plays.

If you like to know waht can be done with Half-valved diatonics from PT Gazell - watch the 12 videos below!

1847 SILVER - PT Gazell half-valved

Key G 16301PTG

The 1847 SILVER- corrosion-free Richter-diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds - PT Gazell half-valved.

VAT incl.


Key C 10301PTC

Blues Harmonica with corrosion-free stainless steel reeds, ergonomic covers and plastic comb. Many special tunings available.

VAT incl.

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