Peter Nande

Peter Nande, born 1968, began his musical career in the nineties, forming his first serious band, Nande & The Big Difference in 1998. In 2002 the band issued their self-titled debut CD, and ventured out on countless tours in Europe, also backing visiting american artists such as James Harman, Lazy Lester, R.J. Mischo, and Gary Primich.

But in particular, the cooperation with legendary singer and harpist James Harman - - made a deep impact in Peter’s musical life. In the finest blues tradition, the two of them developed a professional and personal relationship as mentor and pupil, but also as friends.

In 2005, Peter Nande decided, inspired by e.g. Harman, to pursue his dream to travel to the US to record his own stuff with some of the excellent American musicians that he had met on the road in Europe.

The dream came true, and with a typical mind of his own and a complete catalogue of new songs, Peter and his regular guitar player, Ronni Busack-Boysen, went off to California in April 2006. James Harman, also an experienced producer, was waiting along with a carefully selected bunch of ready and willing American top musicians, for instance Harman’s own guitar player Nathan James, who hosted the recording sessions in his private living room.

The recordings eventually became the first CD in a series of three, entitled the ’California Sessions’. Issued later that year, the CD, ’Big Boy Boogie - California Sessions Vol.1’, received enthusiastic reviews, and was nominated for a Danish Grammy Award in 2007 in the category ‘Blues Album of the Year’.

Vol 2 in the series is already in the making, while Peter and his new outfit Peter Nande Band plays all the festivals and clubs possible. Just recently Peter Nande has joined forces with slide-guitarist and singer Tim Lothar to try out the demanding duo-format.

Peter Nande has a very positive and entertainment-oriented approach to his music, not least his favourite California Blues. Besides his indisputable gift for songwriting and great skills as an instrumentalist, he also possesses an organizing talent, and kind of a devil-may-care attitude to go with it, that will take him and his music far.

Peter Nande has received the award “Danish Blues Musician of the year 2007”

Peter Nande

Peter Nande
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