Pfuri Baldenweg

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Pfuri Baldenweg

Pfuri has been playing the harmonica since his early childhood. He found his first blues harp buried in his garden at the age of six and has since dedicated his life to performing the blues harp live on stage.

Known as a real loveable guy but a ‘devil on the blues harp’, his bands have shared the stage (Roskilde Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival etc.) with the likes of Rory Gallagher, Freddie Mercury, Status Quo, Alvin Lee and Bob Marley.

In the 1970s he became known throughout Europe with the now legendary Blues-Folk band PFURI, GORPS & KNIRI.

From 1987 he lived in Australia where he played in different free formations and constellations with musicians like Dennis Wilson (Khavas Jute), Rick Fenn (10CC), Peter Gifford (Midnight Oil), Rex Hill (The Backsliders) and as blues harp player for Canned Heat at the 1990 East Coast Blues Festival. 

From 1994 to 2001 he was the front man, singer and harmonica player of the band TRASH BAG.

In 2013 Pfuri founded the band GRAND CANNON together with fellow musician friends Kniri Knaus and Zach Prather. The press stated: ‘There are a million ways to play the Blues. GRAND CANNON have found a new one. Their songs are stripped to their essence: B.B. King meets Pharrell Williams.’

He is married to the contemporary artist Marie-Claire Baldenweg and father of the film composer siblings Diego, Nora and Lionel Baldenweg (>

Pfuri’s playing techniques are versatile and dynamic. Whether he’s rhythmic, melodic, accompanying, accenting or playing solo, his musical empathy and expression reveal an authentic, engaging and touching sound on the harmonica. 

Pfuri signed his endorser contract on October 27 in 2022 «on the exact day of the 175 year Seydel Anniversary».

And this is what Pfuri says about SEYDEL's harmonicas: "I am hooked on the pure and direct sound of the «Lightning» - it was ‘love at first hear’."


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Pfuri Baldenweg
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