Roman Badenski

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Roman Badenski

Graduate of music school, piano class. Harp teacher at workshops in Poland and Croatia. Laureate of many music contests, both solo and with band. Regularly listed among top Polish blues musicians in the ranking of Polish blues magazine "Twoj Blues" in the "Harp of the Year" category. The recordings of Roman Badenski with The Moongang are featured on albums presenting top Polish blues bands: Anthology of Polish Blues, Part II (“Animal Blood”) and Part III (“Harp Wizards”). Songs featuring Roman Badenski on harp have been broadcasted by Polish TV and national radio stations.

Roman Badenski performed at most of the blues festivals in Poland. He toured in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden. He has mastered overbending (ability to play in 12 keys on one 10-channel diatonic harp). His musical inspirations cover contemporary musical styles: funky, soul, jazz-rock, folk and blues. He has played with top Polish blues and jazz musicians. A recognized session musician and member of bands 'The Moongang' and 'Willie Mae Unit'.

Roman plays the SEYDEL1847 Classic. This is what he says about our instruments:
"Best "Out Of The Box" harmonicas I've ever played! The sound, the quality, response and durability of this instrument is amazing. What's more it's versatility allows musician to play many music genres using different harmonica techniques easily and with great pleasure."

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Roman Badenski

1847 NOBLE

Key Bb 16501Bb

The 1847 NOBLE the consequently enhanced development of the successful 1847 Blues models with stainless steel reeds.

VAT incl.

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