Sam Spranger

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Sam Spranger

Young Gun Harp Player with The Bad Day Blues Band.

Picking up the Diatonic Harmonica at 13, Sam found that he had a preternatural talent for the instrument. In these early years he started cutting his teeth at local recitals and talent contests where he gained a reputation as a sharp shooter on the instrument. In his late teens and early twenties he took the open mic, busking, bar, and cafe scenes of London by storm with his solo and spontaneous jam performances. It was here that he honed out his technique for blazing riffs and heart wrenching solos.

It was also on the blues jam circuit that Sam caught the attention of legendary musicians Adam Rigg, Nick Peck, and John Otway. Eager to capitalise on such a talent, they went on to form The Bad Day Blues Band. Now approaching their third year, they continue to stun audiences everywhere as one of the few bands that can combine catchy music with virtuoso playing.

A ferocious live performer and showman, dedicated to giving audiences an experience they’ll never forget, Sam constantly strives to push the boundaries of the instrument and change perceptions of harp in mainstream society. The band maintain a rigorous live schedule yet still make time to record chart grabbing singles, and make appearances on the jam circuit.

In addition to the Diatonic Harmonica, Sam is also a formidable Chromatic player with a keen interest in Classical and Jazz. In order to overcome the dearth of music written for the harmonica, he enjoys translating works from composers, such as Frederic Chopin and Scott Joplin, onto the instrument.

Outside of the Harmonica, Sam is also considered to be a virtuoso Electric Guitar player. As he always says, “Guitarists can’t touch me cause I play like a harp player. Harp player’s can’t touch me cause I play like a guitarist”.

With the Seydel Session Steel as his harp of choice, Sam has been blown away by the revolution of steel reed technology pioneered by Seydel. He is proud to be sponsored by such a prestigious company that shares his passion for taking the possibilities of the Harmonica to the next level.

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Sam Spranger
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