† Uwe Roller

After long disease Uwe died on 31th of October 2006. We will keep you in mind forever!

Uwe arrived on this earth in 1962 and 14 years later discovered the harmonica -  first to enrich his guitar playing using a neck-brace and then as a solo instrument.
This developed very quickly during the era of Folk a la Neil Young and the Rock 'n Roll era of the 70's which was influenced by bands like J. Geils or Paul Butterfield Blues.
Naturally, he also became interested in the playing of the classical Bluesharpers.
Each note Uwe plays reflects the traditions of the Bluesharp.

The joy in his playing and the personal expression behind its personality are unique - Uwe has to be experienced live.

More information can be found under www.uweroller.de

† Uwe Roller
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