Yoshito Kiyono

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Yoshito Kiyono

France-based Japanese harmonica player. From the Parisian blues scene in 2005, Yoshito Kiyono is now active in the wide black music scene.

With such a modest instrument as the harmonica, he has created a unique sound that blends blues, and celtic influences, and has received accolades across genres. His appeal reaches across not only genres, but national and cultural boundaries, and his captivating groove has made him a popular live performer. Top players like Hilaire Penda (bass), Boney Fields (tp.) have all contributed to Yoshito Kiyono’s style.

Through these mentors as much as collaborators, he has inherited the traditions from John Mclaughlin, William “Bootsy” Collins, Fela Kuti and other era-defining figures. Since 2005, Yoshito Kiyono has continued to develop his groove through numerous collaborations in the black music scene.

Yoshito Kiyono’s musical sensibility is the fruit of encounters with genre pioneers as well as more than 15 years of adventures across the world. Through his harmonica, he crystalizes his life of wondering and pilgrimage. Yoshito Kiyono is now leading “The Modern Bluezz Harmonica Project” in Paris and “Harmonica Creams” in Japan.

They participated in one of the biggest Celt music festivals in the world, “Festival de Ortigueira” in Spain. Harmonica Creams won the 1st prize of this international competition, becomming the first foreigners to win.

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Yoshito Kiyono
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