Corrosion free harmonicas


Nearly all materials used in our models are anti-corrosive - so they can be cleaned without suffering or oxydizing* (except valved instruments).

  • All cover plates are made of stainless steel.
  • Rivets and screws are made of stainlesse steel.
  • Reedplates are made of German Silver.
  • We use stainless steel reeds for the 1847 family, the BIG SIX, the SESSION STEEL, the SAXONY CHROMATIC and the Fanfare-S (other models have brass reeds).
  • Combs are made of acrylic glass, plastic or 100%-sealed wood.

*Please note: clean your harmonicas only as often as needed!! - the 1847 SILVER is "dishwasher-proof". Please do not add any aggressive cleaning agents or tablets which could effect the reed plates. The shorter the treatment the better. Let the instrument dry out properly after the treatment. Be aware of the fact that valved instruments cannot be cleaned that way because of the fragile windsavers!




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