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What sounds so simple and looks so familiar again is a result of our constant efforts of offering new opportunities and playing techniques to the harmonica players. We follow our tradition of more than 160 years as the oldest harmonica factory in the world, bringing to you, from Klingenthal, instruments to help you find your own musical expression and personal sound.


What makes the SAMPLER a unique instrument?

Perfect for the modern melody player: The new SEYDEL SAMPLER effectively consists of two solo-tuned harmonicas offering a tonal range of three full octaves. It is ideal for playing melodies, folk music, and Irish folk music and provides a challenge for all lovers of "Chromatic Blues".

The SEYDEL SAMPLER combines the ease of playability of a chromatic harmonica with the advantage of a double-sided harmonica, allowing you to play in C-Major or G-Major (D-Major or A-Major in third position). It is tuned in solo-tuning, ideal for playing melodies using all notes of the major scale over a full three-octave range.


small: 1 Melody and chords

A longtime, traditional harmonica component given new life with this combination: The slider – the same as the one from a chromatic harmonica – changes the key that you play in: If the slider is depressed (or the slide lock is snapped into place) you play in G-Major , if the slider is released you play in C-Major . This allows you to play pieces in G with the necessary chords (Tonic G / Subdominant C / Dominant D) just as with our double-sided models like the SEYDEL Mountain Harp.


Locking device for the slider of the SAMPLER


The perfect choice for the Blues player: Blues harmonica players can explore many new possibilities. Improvisation in minor pieces, (chromatic Blues) is possible by playing the SAMPLER in A- and D-Minor in third position with the addition of the classic “fat” blues tone - the half-valving enables the bending of notes which opens a door to creativity and expressiveness in your playing. Instantly switch between A-Minor (tonic) and D-Minor (Subdominant) simply by pressing  or releasing the slider .


small: 2 Blues-Lick



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