Nobel laureate

Nobel laureate Roger B. Myerson plays the 1847 with modified Fourkey-tuning

Roger B. Myerson was decorated with a Nobel prize in the field of economics in 2007.

Fortunately he found a good compensation for his most probably rare spare time: playing the harmonica!

...but as a skilled mathematician he had to find himself something very special as you can imagine - he invented his own version of a harmonica, which is based on the design of Fourkey tuning - but he "recalculated" it in order to play it with full octaves chromatically in four keys (without overblows).

This is what he wrote us about his newly developed 10-hole Fourkey variant - only available in the SEYDEL-Harp Configuarator:

"Fourkey tuning can sometimes make a 10-hole harmonica seem a bit narrow, as each octave takes five holes.

So I use a custom-designed Seydel harmonica as the best way to solve this narrowness problem in the 10-hole harmonica.

In my custom-designed Seydel harmonica, the fourkey tuning has been slightly modified to have two complete octaves and to get a good centering (within the harmonica's 10-hole range) of both the second-position major scale and the first-position minor scale.

In my fourkey harmonica that plays the major keys of C, G, D, and A, the [blow/draw] notes in this modified fourkey tuning are:


To play in all twelve keys, I have two other custom Seydel harmonicas, with transposed versions of this modified fourkey tuning:


(to play in E, B, F#, and C#),


(to play in G#, D#, A#, and F).

Notice that the highest draw note in each case is raised one half-step above the fourkey pattern, to yield two full octaves in both first and second positions.

But I hope that Seydel will soon offer a 12-hole harmonica in fourkey tuning, as that will be the ultimate solution to the narrowness problem. When it is available, I promise to buy at least three (so that I can play them in all 12 keys), and I'll recommend them to everyone else who wants to play the ultimate melodic harmonica.


We at SEYDEL's will see if it is possible to make it 12-hole!

Find out more about >Roger B. Myerson or listen to >"Jazzman" playing on the Fourkey on Youtube!

Check out the Fourkey tuning in the SEYDEL

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