We have to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who sent us their best pictures. It was hard to choose the best three from the more than 180 photographs sent from all over the world - but finally we succeeded in presenting you the winners!

Here they are - have fun watching the nicest harmonica related pictures from the photo-contest:

Reyhan from Jakarta/Indonesia - simply a wonderful picture and our absolute first choice!

A dignified 2nd place: a barely new custom MB in the hands of the French master!

Really a rare occurance: our 1847 NOBLE harmonica and the red lipps of a beautiful women - so the perfect 3rd place!
Here are the trophies:

1. Winner M Reyhan Naufal (Indonesia) wins a >1847 NOBLE & >SEYDEL-Beltbag

2. Winner Jean Jacques Milteau (France) wins a >1847 CLASSIC & >SEYDEL Smart Belt

3. Winner Uwe Matthes wins a >BIG SIX & >SEYDEL-Hardcover Case

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