Goodbye Klaus Kretzschmar

Reluctantly we will say goodbye to our long-time distribution specialist Klaus Kretzschmar at the end of June 2013 - in fact he is about to retire and we want to give him the chance to personally say thank you to all of you who accompanied him during his long working life:

"After working in the field of musical instruments retail from 1977 - 1990, later in the wholesaling business and not least at SEYDEL-Harmonicas the time has come to retire, what I'm about to do with an an auspicious and a tearful eye:

I want to seize the opportunity of this very personal event to say thank you;

to Mario Pellarin, for whom I worked in the field crew for 11 years, to Elisabeth Eberlein from the Goldon-Musictoys GmbH where I worked for four years as their manager and not least to the SEYDEL company and their president Lars Seifert where I had the chance to work and contribute as their sales manager during the "re-birth" and the extremely positive development of this harmonica manufacture.

A very special thank-you goes to all of our SALES PARTNERS, many retailers, buying agents and sales assistents who remained loyal for many years."

All members of the SEYDEL-Team say thank you for your great and tireless work for the C.A. Seydel Söhne company - we'll definitely miss you a lot, Klaus!

PS: we will introduce his successor to you soon.

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