SEYDEL-TabSuite - from th melody to sheet music -->100% Freeware (for Windows PC, XP)

The program package allows to record notes played on your harmonica with the SEYDEL-Melody-Recorder and the conversion of the notes into harmonica-tabs (harmonica specific notation) using the SEYDEL-TabTool.

Tabs then can be transposed/converted and played back. You also can create tabs from a melody for other types of harmonicas or for special tuned harmonicas.



 SEYDEL-MelodyRecorder V 1.0  

> Online Version

Freeware-Programm for recording notes (melodies) or tuning harmonicas

>Download (59,6 MB)


 SEYDEL-TabTool V 1.0

Freeware-program to create/transpose and display of Harmonica-Tabs for diatonic and chromatic harmonicas

>Download (15,3 MB)


>Video-Tutorial (Youtube)

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