World record - the 1847 High in HBb


The highest and lowest tuned Blues Harmonicas in the world are made by SEYDEL exclusively

After the introduction of the low tuned 1847 Low models last year we now expand the tonal range of our 1847 Blues models with Stainless Steel reeds. We added the following high keys: HG, HAb, HA, and HBb.

The thickness of the combs of the 1847 CLASSIC and NOBLE High models is adopted to their high pitch. High-tuned models have a thinner comb than usual. This new soprano-design influences the overall playability very positively.

Therefore the 1847 CLASSIC and NOBLE models are now available in 31 different key variants ranging from double low E (LLE) up to high Bb (HBb)!

>listen to the LLE and the new HBb here

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