VOLCANY Chromatic - the Eruption of Sound

The VOLCANY: make up your own mind - a song is worth a thousand words! 

Listen carefully and find out what makes the VOLCANY Chromatic such a special instrument.


Solid Brass and our proven reeds made of Stainless Steel - this combination of soft and hard materials make the VOLCANY Chromatic an incomparably sounding instrument - listen below!


Available in two tuning variants!


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Fresh Jazz and Blues on the VOLCANY-Cromatic: Jason Keene, our new endorser wrote us the following short review after playing his new VOLCANY for the first time:

"I bought the VOLCANY in Orchestra tuning the day it was announced. Honestly, it's the sweetest, tightest Chrome, with a killer top end - I can't stop playing it. It's a hot rod, absolutely LOVE it...fantastic achievement, SEYDEL!" 

 Here's the "video proof" Jason Keene sent us right along with it.


Jason Keene plays a nice "Jazzy Improvisation" on the VOLCANY Chromatic



Here are more videos in excellent sound quality - we recommend good headphones or a good stereo system for test listening:


René Giessen plays "Summertime" on the VOLCANY Chromatic


Ben Boumann plays "Funky Time" on the VOLCANY Chromatic

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Key C 56480C

The Eruption of Sound - the VOLCANY CHROMATIC - a result of more than 175 years of research and development at SEYDEL!


VAT incl.

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