Pulmonica® - The Pulmonary Harmonica

The PULMONICA® was invented in the US by Dana Keller in 2013. The goal was to create a training device for the lungth that has a positive impact and is fun to play. Those patients who have fun while playing will exercise more frequently and with more endurance thus achieving better medical results. The PULMONICA® enables gentle training for the respiratory tract and combats lung diseases such as COPD and asthma. However, it does not only help lung patients, but all people who want to breathe better.


The PULMONICA® allows breathing against progressive resistance and trains the lungs. This strengthens the diaphragm and lays the foundation for conscious breathing. Playing several notes at once produces frequencies that make the lungs vibrate. This has an expectorant effect. After awhile breathing becomes easier and the oxygen supply to the body is improved.


small: breathing through the PULMONICA® small: all notes on the PULMONICA® small: breathing exercise on the PULMONICA®


The deep and meditative sound of the PULMONICA® has a calming and relaxing effect on the user (and even on the listeners).

No musical talent is required to play the PULMONICA®. It always sounds good, no matter how you play it. You only have to breath slowly and deeply through the PULMONICA® to improve your respiration.


The PULMONICA® is fun and enhances your quality of life.



"I started her [my mother] using the PULMONICA® while she was on the mechanical ventilator. Not that all the credit goes to this little beauty, but she is free from the ventilator and striving towards being capped now within about a month of using it! The PULMONICA® has helped her to keep her secretions thin, thus allowing her to cough it up a lot easier. It is a part of her daily routine/respiratory therapy ..."; Janek E. (F)


"I have asthma and have problems at times. The PULMONICA® helps me focus on my breathing. I find that I breath more deeply at all times after using this device for a few weeks. The PULMONICA® definitely has helped me breath better...."; Hedy F. (USA)


"From my first session using the PULMONICA®, I experienced a pleasing draining of the sinus cavity, which I often feel is too dry. Of course, this naturally has benefits for all connected spaces in the head, and my ears have been less susceptible to aches than they usually are. At least for me, it has a calming, yet energizing effect on my psyche ("balancing" here again)."; Michael G. (D)


We build your PULMONICA®

For creating the PULMONICA® Dana Keller chose us the oldest harmonica factory in the world, C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE.  The instruments in the special tuning are optimized for medical use are handmade by our experienced specialists. At SEYDEL's innovative ideas, know-how and precision meet more than 170 years of tradition in the production of high-quality harmonicas.


 the instruments are handmade by experienced specialists in the special tuning optimized for medical use.


PULMONICA® - the Pulmonary Harmonica designed with German handbook


Deep, resonant, meditative sounding harmonica that gently pulses the lungs. Set with handbook in German.

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PULMONICA® - The Pulmonary Harmonica with English handbook


Deep, resonant, meditative sounding harmonica that gently pulses the lungs. Set with handbook in English

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Perfect protection en route!

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Harmonica Disinfection Bag - Ozonizer


SEYDEL Harmonica Disinfection Bag - a clean solution for your harmonicas

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