WildeTuning - The Rock Harmonica

SESSION STEEL - Wilde Rock Tuning

Key C 10320C

Special Tuning: Wilde Rock Tuning. Corrosion-free Blues harmonica with stainless steel reeds, ergonomically shaped covers and plastic comb.

VAT incl.

Blues Harmonica Set - Wilde Rock Tuning (Set of 5)


Harmonica set - SESSION STEEL - Wilde Rock Tuning

VAT incl.

Will Wilde - Bring It On Home


Will Wilde - Bring It On Home (2018)

VAT incl.

Boogielicious - Jumpin' Boogie


Boogielicious - Jumpin' Boogie (2018)
Blues, Swing & Boogie for the 21st century!

VAT incl.

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The Rock harmonica according to >Will Wilde: "The Wilde Rock tuning is the configuration that every aspiring rock harp player has been waiting for."

Listen now: small:Will Wilde

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