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SEYDEL Soundcheck Vol. 04 - ORCHESTRA S - learn to play melodies - diatonic harmonica included (tuned in Solo-Orchestra-Tuning)


You like melodies from Pop, Hit-Songs or national and traditional music? You always had in mind to learn a musical instrument?

This workshop will teach you everything that is needed to help you getting started This all-inclusive package comes with a quality instrument, a tutorial book and ten songs from different musical genres - playbacks included!

The ORCHESTRA S is a high-grade harmonica with durable, responsive Stainless Steel reeds. It is specially tuned to easily play all kinds of melodies. The set includes the ORCHESTRA S in LC (Orchestra-Solo-tuning) and a tutorial book with audio-CD.

This beginner's tutorial is presented in an educational and fresh style. It will help you to learn how to play melodies on the harmonica. Step by step, from the first note to your first full melodies*.

  • how to produce clear single notes 
  • how to breathe properly
  • easy exercises that help get started – no need to read sheet music or to have musical knowledge
  • many tips for learning melodies by ear and by using harmonica tabs
  • playing tips for better understanding of the instrument
  • ten musical pieces that include harmonica tabs and slowly played sample melodies on CD (playback tracks included)

So why hesitating? Start playing and loving the harmonica straight away!


*as well suited for starting Chromatic Harmonica in Orchestra-tuning, e. g. our SAXONY Orchestra.

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