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This tool was developed specifically to remove rivets from SEYDEL reedplates. Its use has not been tested on other brands and it is only recommended for use on Seydel products.

The improved rivet removal pliers are an upgraded version of the previous SEYDEL pliers used by harmonica customizers and repair technicians to remove reeds from reed plates.

The upgraded pliers are comfortable to hold and have an adjustable punch pin (one replaceable punch pin is provided). The SEYDEL rivet removal pliers allow efficient reed removal while reducing the chance of damage to the reed plate during rivet removal. The rivet head fits snuggly into the receiving jaw of the pliers insuring a direct and accurate punch on the opposing side of the reed plate. The hole left after rivet removal is perfect for a re-installing a rivet or for use of a SEYDEL screw.

Additional information on usage is available in the tips-section and the video above.

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