Hard Times Trio - Łukasz Wiśniewski


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Hard Times Trio - the newest major move from our endorser Łukasz Wiśniewski

A convincing mix out of Blues and other musical styles - two excellent guitar players and one of the best young singers and harmonica players from Poland.

small:Medley der CD Titel


1. 16 Tons (Ernest Jennings Ford) 2:53

2. No More (trad.) 5:43

3. I Tak (Ł. Wiśniewski) 3:29

4. Maski (P. Grząślewicz) 3:12

5. Osiem sekund (P. Grząślewicz) 6:10

6. Last Kind Words (Geeshie Wiley) 5:09

7. Forty Days, Forty Nights (McKinley Morganfield) 4:17

8. Sen Orfeusza (M. Hilarowicz) 3:45

9. Lumbago Blues (Ł. Wiśniewski) 4:20

Łukasz Wiśniewski (vocals, harmonica)

Piotr Grząślewicz (guitar)

Marcin Hilarowicz (guitar)

released on Aug. 4th, 2012

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