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Payment and Shipping


Customers who are not registered customers of C. A. Seydel pay in advance using any of the means of payment listed at the Seydel Online Shop.

The advantage of paying in advance is that the purchase contract and delivery obligation come into effect only after payment has been received. If the customer wishes to cancel an order, he/she simply does not pay for it.

Seydel shall set aside the goods for customers paying in advance for at least 14 days. If no payment has been received upon expiration of this period, the order shall be deemed to have been cancelled............ (for further details read Terms & Conditions)

Freight Costs, Delivery

The freight costs will depend on the size and weight of the goods to be delivered. Freight rates are shown in the first window of the basket at the point where you select your country. At the same time, you will be shown the price you actually have to pay, dependent on the country. VAT is included for Germany or excluded when off-shore. Play with it, it's fun !

A special hint for our US customers regarding the conversion rate:

At the moment prices including German VAT are almost equal to US $ prices excluding German VAT. So just take the price you get indicated as the US$ price.

It's very easy.

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