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My first encounter with harmonica blues was Eddie Martin in the 90s. I lived in England at the time. In my local pub 'The Hob Goblin', Eddie was playing with an Astatic taped to a harmonica rack. The sound and tones from the harmonica went right through my soul. I bought his cd `Solo In Soho ´ (my first blues cd ever) and six months later I picked up the harmonica myself.

I went to Carlo Reijs to learn the tricks of the blues harmonica. There I found out about Little Walter, George Harmonica Smith, Slim Harpo, William Clarke, Kim Wilson etc.
From that point I started playing like there was no tomorrow. After ten years of playing the harmonica I'm now working with top blues artists. I shared stages with Gene Taylor, Dusty Ciggaar, Big Pete, Big Dave, Bart De Mulder, Dave Chavez and some more.

I came across SEYDEL 1847 through Ben Bouman. A well known harmonica player in the Netherlands and customizer of Seydel Harmonicas. Because
of the tone, warmth and good response I switched completely to SEYDEL harps. Thank you Ben! Want to hear what I do with the SEYDEL Classic 1847? Check the soundfile or come see me in the shows of: Dave Chavez Band, Livin´ Blues Xperience, Portershed or the Blue Stones.

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