SEYDELopen 2014 - the winners

A nice picture collection from the contest can be found >here


The winners of the SEYDEL open 2014 - congratulations!!!!

The blues harmonica contest was big fun and everybody had a ball!

Contestants f.l.t.r.: Rainer Hustemeier, Claudio Kreinacker, Johann Catteeuw, Carsten Horeis, Hubert Kern, Gerd Nowka, Jürgen Just, Horst Gies, Axel Flemming, Ulrich Cieplik, Axel Meyer, Bruno Laube, Harald Vogel, Bruce Wharton


Many thanks - without you there would be no contest!


Band - Playbacks and live: >Blues Alligators from Berlin 

Jury: Markus Kunz (Berlin), Ben Bouman (NL), Olaf Böhme (Nürnberg)

Moderation/Organisation: Bertram Becher


Ranking (30% audience & 70% jury)


1st winner 68 pts (out of max.100 pts)

Bruno Laube from Kreischa


2nd winner 65 Punkte

Johann Catteeuw from Brugge/Belgium


3rd winner  60 Punkte

Gerd Nowka from Lauterbach


4th 56 pts

Horst Gies from Hosenfeld


5th 48 pts

Bruce Wharton from Filderstadt


6th 45 pts

Robert Koch from Katzenthal/Frankreich


7th 40 pts

Claudio Kreinacker from Hainichen


8th 38 pts

Jügen Just from Klingenthal


9th 32 pts

Harald Vogel from Weischlitz


10th 31 pts

Carsten Horeis from Berlin

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