Between the Wars

Between the wars -1918 to 1939

Richard Seydel had been the exclusive owner of the company since 1910.
His sons and his son in law, Hugo Bischoffsberger, had been his assistants
and after the First World War, which had destroyed almost all of their
trading connections, they took over the leadership of the company.

They had to fight to recover their sales position from nearly zero.

However, success began to follow with at least 800 factory and home workers
being employed.

In 1925 Richard Seydel died.
The following years were to become very hard ones for the whole domestic
musical instrument industry, which hit rock bottom in the years 1929/30.
The situation forced a merger with three other domestic companies, however
the arrangement didn't last.

After 1931 the situation improved again. A new boom occurred and the
increasing number of employees was a measure of the success. During this
time the 'Boomerang' became a bestseller.

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Between the Wars
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