Between the Wars

This period is full of many different and new models.
As opposed to the wartime periods we don't have sufficient space to show all the photos we have.
Here is just a small selection.

Illus. 1:
A collection of the famous Bandmaster models with the nice and unique cover plates!


The Ragtime Band, 1920.
At this time, Seydel produced 7 million harmonicas a year.

Illus. 3:

A Chord Harmonica from 1920.
There was a boom in harmonica orchestras at this time - all with chord and bass harmonicas.


The Boomerang, here as a remake for Isabella Krapfs Vintage Harmonica Edition.
You could buy one ........

Illus. 5:

The Clover, another old model crying out for reissue, don't you think?

Between the Wars
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