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Konstantin Kolesnichenko

Konstantin's distinctive and modern style of harmonica playing has earned him others players acclaim and a place among Ukrainian top harmonica players. In different times he got acclaim from world famous musicians including Adam Gussow, Jason Ricci, Keith Dunn, Todd Parrott, Barbeque Bob Maglinte, Martin Lang, Guy Davis, Jelly Roll Johnson, Dennis Moriarty, Bartosz Łęczycki to name a few.

A native of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, Konstantin's career has spanned 14 years. He began playing harmonica at age 19. Later in 2008 he joined the Bullet Blues Band a local chicago blues band and acoustic duo with guitarist Oleg Lavrik. The band opened for such greats as Guy Davis and Keith Dunn, and many local jazz and rock musicians. He took part in the first international harmonica festival in Kiev, Ukraine in 2011.

In 2014 he released his first album "If You Want to See This Blues". Which was a mix of blues and jazz and gets a pretty good attention in public. He did not stop to work on his own albums and in 2015 released his next album “Sweeten’ It Up”. This album represents Konstantin's movement into funk and soul-jazz territory.

Here is some reviews that Konstantin get from one and only Boris Plotnikov and maestro David Barrett himself about his last album!

David Barett:

"A very well produced recording... good musicians, good recording quality and fine playing from you. Tasty use of effects (never over the top) and enjoyable songs to listen to. Very well done."

Boris Plotnikov:

"Not common for harmonica! From the very beginning of my harmonica journey I was wondered, why most harmonica players perform the same Little Walter stuff and although I love this stuff too I always look for harmonica players who think outside the box. Konstantin is one of these guys! EP is still in tradition it's funky, jazzy, but it's uncommon to hear such good harmonica playing in this music. Konstantin have some very bright ideas in his playing. I dig harmonica tone, especially fat warm overdriven tone."

Konstantin is pretty well known in ukrainian, russian and belorussian harmonica community but in USA and Europe he has a good auditory too. Now he is a teacher for advanced students in http://harmonica-school.pro/ and already graduated more then 60 students from his blues courses.

A few quotes about Konstantin’s playing from world’s famous harmonica players.

"Konstantin you've definitely reminded me that you're a heavyweight player! You've got the spirit that I was seeking: you're pushing the harmonica into places that few of us take it." - Adam Gussow

“Holy crap!!! Dude you rule!!!!!” – Jason Ricci

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Konstantin Kolesnichenko
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