Thomas T. Love

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Thomas T. Love

He is a harmonica-player from Copenhagen living and playing now inUberlandia, Brazill. His debut-CD "T. Love's Blues" was released in Brazil in August 2013.

"The six tracks on this album are a tribute to my favourite Blues harmonica-players. William Clarke, Jimi Lee, Flavio Guimaraes and Sonny Terry. My love for the countryblues is great and I play countryblues with my guitarist, Peter Skjerning."

"I'm a Blues harmonica player to the bone, but I also like to play country and rootsmusic. It's all about to give the audience an authentic experience. And for that I use low tuned harmonicas, minor tuned harmonicas, chromatic harmonicas and other tunings, besides SEYDEL's 1847 classic harmonica."

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Thomas T. Love
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