Polish Harmonica-Attack


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Kaminski, Kielak, Leczycki Wisniewski - Harmonijkowy Atak "Harpcore"- best Polish Blues album in 2011

Harmonica in Polish

The album "Harp Attack!" (Aligator-Records, 1990) is an absolute classic amongst the harmonica recordings available played by four of the greatest harmonica players: Junior Wells, Billy Branch, Carey Bell and SEYDEL endorsee James Cotton.

In this tradition, the best 4 polish harmonica formed a team and they recorded the Polish issue of "Harmonica-Attack" - fresh sound and many well known pieces ranging from Blues to Soul and Rock.

Modern and recorded with a professional band - you can feel tht they had much of fun doing these brilliant piece of music.

Three of our endorsers take part in the CD: Bart Leczycki, Lukasz Wisniewski and Tomek Kaminski, as well as Michal Kielak. Our insider tip for your record shelf and one of the best harmonica CDs of today - worth listening to - 100%!

A list of the titles on the CD is available in picture 2.

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