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Sandra Vazquez


Sandra was born on June 28th of 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was 20 years old she had her first contact with music through a harmonica.

She owns a very particular and unique sound and started teaching her instrument in 2000, when she decides to make a living playing and teaching music.

In 2001 she met León Gieco, a famous Argentinian Folk-singer who adopted her as invited artist to his shows and together they performed at the most famous and important Argentinian stages.

After a long career she decided to record a live album in the music cicle produced by herself. It is called “Pateando El Tablero”. The event took place in June of 2012 and after several months of hard work & producing, she released her first DVD + CD with several musicians of Argentinian blues rock scene invited.


This is what he says about SEYDEL harmonicas:
Sandra: "I choose the SEYDEL 1847 classic for its sweet sound and for its rich tone, they are really a luxury!"


Sandra Vazquez - María del campo from Sun Factory.

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Sandra Vazquez
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