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Adrian Jimenez

He started his professional career in 1993. Since then, he has participated in several Blues bands of the local circuit. From 1995, he played Country Blues with Gabriel Grätzer, apart from being guest artist in Easy Babies and King Size.

In 2000, Adrian Jiminez formed his own band, which recreates themes of classic Blues and instrumentals of his own creation.

He participated in the first Buenos Aires no duerme (Buenos Aires does not sleep) and the six National Celebrations of Harmonica, as well as the openings of international shows of Blues of outstanding musicians such as Dave Myers, Billy Branch, John Primer, Eddie C. Campbell and Phil Guy.

In Chicago, he played with the most representative figures of the genre. In Buenos Aires, he was the first harmonica player of Blues who performed at the Colón Theatre, and he played in Maipo Theatre, San Martín Theatre and Larreta Museum.

In 2010, he toured throughout Chile and Brazil with Flavio Guimaraes and Mitch Kashmar. In addition, he had an important participation in the film “A los cuatro vientos”, which plays homage to the harmonica player Hugo Díaz and won a Martín Fierro prize to the best soundtrack.

In July 2012, he participated with his band in the International Festival of Blues in Trastienda Club and accompanied the Chicago singer Deitra Farr as well as the Chicago singer Tail Dragger in September.

In October 2014 I accompanied the Mississippi Bluesman, Dave Riley.

Apart from the concerts, he gives classes of harmonica, from his beginnings, in the first School of Blues of Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires. Adrián Jiménez «Armónica Blues» (2006), its first solo album, has fifteen themes of several styles where the Chicago Blues prevails. Six themes were authored by him, and the other nine are his own versions of the traditional Blues. Currently, he is presenting his second solo album “Rockin’ Blues “. As in his previous album there are instrumentals authored by him and his own versions of his Blues referents.

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Adrian Jimenez
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