Leonardo Triassi

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Leonardo Triassi

Harmonica player, ‘self-made’, Leonardo is a very much praised musician, particularly due to his technical capabilities and his musical drive. Having devoted his time entirely to studying the Blues and black music overall, Leonardo is often busy organizing clinics concerning the harmonica and its role in Blues music. During the years he has concentrated on the technical side of the instrument thanks to artists such as Carlos Del Junco and Howard Levy. Also, Leonardo has been touring with artists of international standard, such as Louisiana Red, Kant Duchaine, Andy J. Forest, Johnny Heartsman, Chris Jones, Herbie Goins, Mario Insenga (Blue Stuff), Vincenzo Mancuso, Eugenio Finardi, etc.


His music truly his the sound of the soul, crisply and vividly highlighting any kind of tune, enriching it with his own personal and exclusive verve. Leonardo’s harmonica thus stands as a bonfire, ready to start up and electrifying the audience.

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Leonardo Triassi
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