Spare parts for all of our models

Reedplates for all standard tunings, cover plates, combs, mouthpieces, valves and screws.

Always be prepared for a jam session

Whether you look for our "Smart Belt" - harmonica belt, a softcase, the practical hardcover case, or a genuine leather beltbag - you will find what you need.

Disinfection bag for all types of harmonica

Don't give bacteria and viruses a chance

Special tools for tuning and repair

Tuner, screw-drivers, files and special tools for reed-replacement. SETUP-PACK for optimizing the reed offset, etc.

Just focus on playing

The unique GECKO harmonica holder, a must-have for all multi instrumentalists

Pure tube technology for the authentic Chicago Blues Sound

The most versatile harmonica amp in the market.

Here we'll give you an earful of nice audibles

Audo-CDs from SEYDEL endorsers, Playback-CDs for jamming along and tutorial-CDs.

Product besides harmonicas that make fun

T-Shirts, baseball cap, wristwatch and the SEYDEL pendant
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