Harmonica Configurator for custom tunings

One of our specialties is producing handmade custom tunings for all of our models from the Blues series, the Chromatic series as well as the FANFARE and the the SAILOR STEEL.

We already pre-defined tone tables of many commonly used special tunings that can be selected as a preset. Please make sure that you chose the right octave range and that the root note is set to the desired position on the instrument!

If some of the notes are not displayed in the tone table we don't have these reeds available and the instrument is not makeable in this configuration. Most likely your desired intrument or reedplate set is possible to make in another key or octave range though - please check!

If necessary please inform yourself about specialist terms or special tunings in our >worth knowing info section if you have problems during the configuration process. Please use our >virtual keyboard to check the pitches of the notes (it is possible tolisten to all the notes available). 

Especially our Blues model >SESSION STEEL is available in many popular special tunings already. Please check if your desired tuning is perhaps availble from stock. Using the configurator the tonal layout of all of our models can be determined individually.

You can also order individual reeds for DIY repairs. Please find detailed technical descritions about reed repair and changing individual reeds  in our >repair workshop section.

All config harmonicas will be produced individually from the scratch. On the following pages you wil be guided through the configuration process step-by-step.

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