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Maintenance and repair: DE LUXE/SAXONY/SAMPLER

Hazzle-free method for changing the mouthpiece of the DE LUXE/DE LUXE STEEL/SAXONY/SAMPLER

Changing the slide spring - Chromatic DE LUXE

Cleaning the slider, replacing the buffer, cleaning valves and settings the reed offsets

Cleaning the mouthpiece of the SAXONY Chromatic

Changing the comb of the SAXONY Chromatic

Assembly of the DE LUXE STEEL

Assembly of the slide lock of the SEYDEL SAMPLER




Maintenance and repair: SYMPHONY 48/64

Cleaning the mouthpiece of the SYMPHONY 48/64

Removing the mouthpiece of the SYMPHONY 48/64

Cleaning the slider, changing buffer tubes, cleaning valves and setting up reed offsets

Changing the mouthpiece screws of the SYMPHONY 48

Assembly of the SYMPHONY 64

Cleaning the slider of the SYMPHONY 48/64 in less than one minute

Conversion for left-handed - SYMPHONY 48/64




Mounting spare reedplates, tuning and adjustment of harmonicas

How to change the reedplates of our Blues models?

Customizing - what the SEYDEL Setup Tool can do?

Tuning of stainless steel reeds


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