Song 1 - Lasst uns froh und munter sein

The SEYDEL-TabTool offers an automated workout for transposing tabulature (Tabs) from one into another kind of harmonica tuning, e.g. from Richter tuning to Solo tuning Tabulatur or many others more (e.g. ORCHESTRA S, FANFARE, SAXONY Chromatic).

Check it out now and take a look at the song below in the TabTool! In the menu 'Output' you choose your target tuning and/or harmonica model.


The TabTool can also be used for transposing tabs into other keys on the same harmonica (shifting the playing position), just move the right, isn't it?!?

Happy Holidays! The SEYDEL Team


Explanation of the tab symbols, e.g. -1b hole one draw semi-tone bending (=C#); '<' press slider 

Please choose the ORCHESTRA S in the "Output" menu!

small: Lasst uns froh und munter sein - refer to the tabs below!

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