PT Gazell - Masterclass Workshop - September 15th ~ 18th - Klingenthal, Germany

September 15 ~ 18th 2015, SEYDEL endorser and artist, PT Gazell, will be conducting a Masterclass Workshop in beautiful Klingenthal, Germany.

Don't miss this chance to study with the Master of the half valved diatonic.

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Equally at home with a range of musical styles including, Jazz, Bluegrass, Pop and Country, PT continues to expand the musical boundaries for the the video below!

Using his own signature model instrument, the Gazell Method diatonic manufactured by C.A. Seydel Söhne, he proves that the harmonica is capable of much more than what most of us believe.



Whether you are a beginner or advanced player on the harmonica, PT can help take you to the next level. Here are just some of the topics that PT will cover:

  • Improve your speed and accuracy.
  • How to get clear single notes.
  • Learn to bend notes better.
  • Play with less force and more power.
  • Learn how to think about improvising, and craft solos.
  • 5th position Minor as an alternative to 3rd position.
  • How to play and get the most out of your Gazell Method half valved harmonica.
  • Start thinking chromatically using the entire instrument.
  • Learn how to do valved blow and draw bends and improve your conventional bending at the same time.
  • Utilize the extra expressiveness of your Gazell Method instrument.
  • Hands on guidance
  • In class participation with live and recorded music
  • Exercises and tablature

> register now for the PT Gazell ~ Masterclass Workshop

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