Giles King

Giles is regarded as one of the UK`s top blues harmonica players.

He began his career when he joined the jam at the Weavers Arms in London. Playing with the likes of Sam Hare, Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield , Earl Green, Eugene hideaway Bridges, Lee Sankey. He was spotted by LA resident Lightnin’ Willie and was asked to join him on his UK tour.

The partnership has continued for almost a decade and has resulted in headline gigs at the Stanley Blues Festival, Colne Blues Festival, Burnley Blues Fest and many others. Giles has had the privilege to fly out to Hollywood to play at BB King’s legendary Blues Club and recently travelled to LA to record their new album, ‘Tracks’. As a member of Hucklebuck, Giles was seen regularly at the Ain’t Nothing But… in London as well as on tour and around the country. He has recorded and guested with many leading artists including Ian Siegal featuring on his album (Meat & Potatos), Mick Abrahams and Jon Amor, and as featured on BBC, Johnny Walker’s drive time show, Paul Jones Blues programme and many radio stations across America.

Giles was described as ‘one of our own’ and ‘beautifully dirty’ by Char Ham of LA magazine Southland Blues. Blues In Britain Magazine said, ‘What this guy doesn’t know about puff, isn’t worth knowing’ and Ian Siegal recently introduced him as a guest at the 100 club as the most soulful harmonica player in the country. Recently Giles has been asked to teach for NHL ( national harmonica league ) and Euroblues Blues camps alongside Adam Gussow and Annie Raines. Hokie Joint Giles` full time band has just been signed by Dutch record label Coolbuzz who released there debut album The Way It Goes.......Sometimes, and will see them playing major festivals in 2009 such as Moulin Blues, Ribs & Blues and the Belgian Rhythm & Blues Festival in Peer.

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Giles King
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