Francisco Celedón

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Francisco Celedón

Born in 1984 in Santiago of Chile, Francisco is a versatile musician who has been linked to the sounds of blues and jazz since he started his career. From his beginnings, his approach to the world of the harmonica was as self-taught through the great masters of Chicago Blues, such as Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson (I and II), Walter Horton, James Cotton and Carey Bell. Later on, he studied blues harmonica, popular harmony and jazz harmonica with outstanding teachers from Chile and Argentina.

In 2013 Francisco made his recording debut with his solo album “El Gusto Es Mío”, an album of original songs where he already began to use the overblow technique and experiment with the valves in the diatonic harmonica, which finally ended up in his currently and particular way of playing what he has called “6-V Harp”, mixing the valves and the overblow to achieve a range greater than 3 full octaves on the diatonic harmonica, technique that has been reflected in all his subsequent discography.

In 2014 Francisco formed the band "Swingcronizados" together with prominent musicians from the Chilean Blues and Jazz scene, where he works as an instrumentalist, composer and music producer, in which they have performed at important Jazz festivals in Chile.

This year 2021 Francisco will release his second solist production since 2013 called “Receso”, a double album of 22 songs made up mainly of Gypsy Jazz and Latin American Folk music.

This is what Francisco says about SEYDEL Harmonicas:

“Just like any harmonica lover, one lives looking for the harmonica that gives the best tone, maximum playing comfort, greater durability, versatility and personally, good valve response. With the Seydel 1847 model, that search finally ended."

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Francisco Celedón
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