SEYDEL-novalties 2012

6 harmonicas with 12 Stainless Steel reeds in 6 awesome and individually selectable colors! SEYDEL BIG SIX – less is more Blues. After the success of our first BIG SIX model – the Classic in C in the tin can – we now offer the BIG SIX SET – consisting of six instruments in the most commonly used keys, G, A, Bb, C, D, F. > onlineShop


SEYDEL Soundcheck Vol. 03 - SETUP PACK
In the new SETUP PACK the player will find everything he needs for setting a diatonic harmonica according to his personal demand - multi-tool with five essential functions and detailed tutorial on the 2GB USB stick provided - now available in the > onlineShop


New SEYDEL Beltbags
Not less than three new practical new bags are now available in the > onlineShop holding for 6 or 12 instruments from the Blues series, plus a shortened version fitting the new BIG SIX SET.

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