† Vlad Kryzhanovskiy

"Блюзовая гитара и харп (губная гармошка, blues harp) от ритм-энд-блюза и рок-н-ролла 60х до современного блюза и рок хитов"

† Vlad Kryzhanovskiy is a native Moscow musician.

As a child he studied playing accordion and had won several musical competitions, such as "Young Talents of Moskovia". Then, he was interested in guitars and played in hard rock bands. After that he worked in different pop bands and had a continuous cooperation with Vladimir Tychilin (well known Russian chanson singer).

Vlads interest in a harp started with an acquaintance with Alex Bratetskiy (one of the best Russian harpers for that moment). After Vlad completed his first lessons he starts playing harmonica in Moscow clubs with different bands playing in blues style. Two years ago he established his own > "Hunter Polly Blues Band". His band is well known allover the country as professional blues musicians.

Vlad Kryzhanovskiy plays the SEYDEL 1847, which seems to be "made for him" as he stated!

Vlad died on June 6th, 2017 - may he rest in piece.

>Vlad Kryzhanovskiy

† Vlad Kryzhanovskiy
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