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Ofir Ventura

Ofir is harmonica player from Tel Aviv, Israel. She specializes in Americana, Blues, Rock and Folk. Ventura started studying music at the age of 6. At the age of 16, she discovered her love for the harmonica and the blues.

Ofir is a true Blues woman and her influences come from all the different genres of blues and rock – traditional Delta blues, County, Folk, Bluegrass, Gypsy and Rock and Roll. As a frequent international touring artist, Ofir toured with her band OSOG to Canada (CMW), Kansas City (Folk Alliance) and North Carolina.

Ventura has performed all over Israel in venues, festivals, and has done guest appearances and studio recordings with many Israeli artists such as Mashina, The Paz Band, Full Trunk, Diana Golbi, and more.

She also participated in opening acts for the international artists Beth Hart, Cedric Burnside Project, and Lurrie Bell. Since 2016, Ofir is a band member of the Israeli band OSOG.

She brings a new Americana flavor to the band's upcoming album. Since 2010, Ofir has played in an Israeli blues rock band “Electric Blue,” and in 2014, recorded their debut album at Bardo Studios.

From 2011 to 2013, Ofir played with Ori Naftaly (Southern Avenue) where she won the 2013 IBC in Israel for best blues band.

Why Ofir plays on Seydels? "Seydel harmonicas are definitely the highest quality. They have such a warm sound, and perfect round edges designs, like in the Seydel Session Steel. The Seydel 1847 model is one of the best harmonicas out of the box, and my personal favorite. They are so responsive but yet the sound is perfectly tight."

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Ofir Ventura
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