Affiliate Program

If you run a website or blog (private or corporate) and would like to make some extra money, you've got everything you need to become a publisher in the SEYDEL partner program.

Partnership is totally free of charge. All you need to do is sign up, place our links together with some advertising material on your website or blog and start earning a up to a profitable 5% revenue share from every piece sold through your website. It's that simple!

Be a partner of C.A. SEYDEL SÖHNE and earn money with us! We provide you with high-value adverts (>logos, banners).

To be a partner you have to register first:

  • If you have no account already please create a  > customer account.
  • Then take this > contact form to apply to be part of the SEYDEL-Affiliate Program.
  • Please tell us your name and your customer no. (if available) along with the address (URL) of the website where you want to place the ad-link to SEYDEL.
  • After we have confirmed your SEYDEL affiliation we will set your account to "accepted" and you can use the SEYDEL adverts or text links on your web page to link to the SEYDEL page with your personal link-ID. For each sale that is placed in our webshop through your advert link you will receive share of the sale that you can view in the "My account" section of the SEYDEL website. SEYDEL Dealers are not allowed to participate in the SEYDEL Affiliate Program.
  • A share of the sale will be paid each time a visitor of your website is linked from a SEYDEL advert or a text link on your site to the SEYDEL page and places an order within the same browser session. We will place a “cookie” on the customers computer that has a validity period of 2 weeks.

A detailed description how to set a link and examples can be found >here.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Gratis: Totally free of charge
  • Secure: Password protection and simple handling
  • Imageplus: Add to your page with high value SEYDEL adverts
  • Convertible: Make money through your website traffic
  • Appealing: Exclusive advertising media from SEYDEL
  • Lucrative: Percentage commission with the Pay-per-Sale provision
  • Comprehensible: You can view your income in your SEYDEL account - we will pay you if a threshold of 50€ / $50 is reached.


The Publisher shall ensure that the Publisher’s Website does not infringe third party intellectual property rights and that no representations of violence, sexually explicit or pornographic content or discriminatory or defamatory statements concerning race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual preference or age are permitted on the Publisher’s Website and/or in the context of participation its with any Programs. The Publisher’s Website’s form and content must not be such that they compromise SEYDEL's service reputation, the User's ability to estimate its value, or the brand or business of the Advertiser.

We prefer web sites that feature the harmonica or harmonica music but also accept pages related to Blues music.

We reserve the right to proof read your webpage and in case of doubt, not to initiate contact, without justification.

Please read the >terms and conditions of the SEYDEL-Affiliate program!




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