Danny del Toro

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Danny del Toro

since he started playing the harmonica he has gone through different musical styles from blues, jazz, ragtime...

In 2007 decides to start his personal American adventure where you get to play at various renowned clubs such as Buddy Guy legend, Roses and Artist Lounge, sharing the stage with James Wheeler, Billy Branch, Nelly Travis ....

On his return he continued playing with his band from Madrid, Cotton Gang, with whom he has two albums released: "Burnin'Hot" and "Live at Jazz Cries".

Now he plays in the best clubs in Madrid. In 2010 the blues brought him to London, where he met and later collaborated with the band "24 Pesos" led by Julian Burdock. They recorded an album in 2014 entitled "Double Dare". In 2012 he began playing in a duo with Nico Alvarez, a renowned guitarist. He currently combines his blues band & swing, his duets with Nico Alvarez and Julian Burdock and shares stages with international artists on their tours through Spain - to name a few: Dean Shot, Jonn del Toro, Little G Weevil, Terry Harmonica Bean, Alvon Johnson , Bex Marshall, James Armstrong ... he keeps always related to American music.

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Danny del Toro
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