Andy Santana

Veteran West Coast musician Andy Santana is a smooth, dynamic vocalist and harmonica player with a sophisticated urban style.

With thirty years of professional experience, he is also an accomplished songwriter/guitarist with an unusual gift for lyrics and is proficient at creating powerful melodies.

Andy always surrounds himself with top west coast musicians. As a result, Andy’s band has been chosen as the house/backup band for many Blues legends. The list of venues and legendary Blues musicians he has backed or toured with speaks for itself.

He has toured and performed with artists as varied as Chicago's Jimmy Rogers and Willie Dixon, New Orleans legend Earl King, Booker T (of the MG’s), and Bonnie Raitt.

Andy’s CD, "Take Me With You" is long overdue and showcases some of the best west coast musicians. Each musician has their own distinctive style and philosophy of American Roots music and on "Take Me With You" it all comes together in an unforgettable way.

The SEYDEL 1847 is Andy's first choice harmonica - so we are lucky to have him helping us!

This is what he says about the 1847 harmonicas:

"Over the years I have played many fine harmonicas, but the Seydel 1847 is as good as it gets. The quality of workmanship and materials is obvious. When played they respond to all the nuances of my playing. They ring with overtones and sound monstrous when amplified. They take great tone to the next step, just listen here:."

Andy Santana
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